Mac Expo pictures

As promised (in the previous entry), here are the pictures from the 2005 Mac Expo. I didn’t take a huge number and some of them turned out a little blurred. I guess I needed that digital camera magazine subscription afterall!

Weather in Texas

Mention “weather” and “Texas” in the same sentence and everyone seems to imagine hot scorching sun, not a cloud in the sky and high humidity, but it’s not at all like that. It’s more like the weather in the UK – when it’s cold and wet, it’s cold and wet, but when it’s sunny it’s… Continue reading Weather in Texas

It’s rather cold out there

Woke up on Wednesday morning to this… Not a huge amount of snow, but certainly enough to turn everything white. There was also a fair bit of ice around – saw several cars and a van slide around the road a bit whilst on my way to drop Harry at school.

Firewire drive enclosures again

Went back to Maplin Electronics yesterday and got an Mapower enclosure. It’s new so isn’t in the catalogue yet but it has an Oxford 911 chipset for the firewire side of things. It works with the mac just fine and even lets you boot from it using Alt to select a boot disk.


It’s only the 18th of November (or was a couple of hours ago when I took the picture) but we’ve got snow already. Not just a light sprinkling of some powdery stuff, but lots of real huge wet flakes. This is a picture of the top of our fiesta after just a couple of hours.… Continue reading Snow!