Art exhibitions

Lori had one of her exhibition openings last night at the Stand Assembly studios as part of a group exhibition called Serious Quirks. More information can be found at the Stand Assembly website. She has another group exhibition opening tonight at Q Arts gallery in Derby. This one is called Future Focus 06 – Last… Continue reading Art exhibitions

Mac Expo pictures

As promised (in the previous entry), here are the pictures from the 2005 Mac Expo. I didn’t take a huge number and some of them turned out a little blurred. I guess I needed that digital camera magazine subscription afterall!

Virtually deadly virus

Found this link in the show notes (and heard about it on the podcast episode 24). Although I don’t play World of Warcraft, I think that’s just a fantastic twist to the game.

Hurricane Season

It seems the south east coast of America is getting a bit of a hammering from storms at the moment. We had Hurricane Katrina at the end of August which devastated New Orleans and now it seems that Hurricane Rita is about to hit Texas around the Houston area within the next few days and… Continue reading Hurricane Season