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MacLive Expo, London 2007

We just got back from the MacLive Expo in London – it seemed smaller than last year although I could be mistaken. Here are some pictures of various parts of the expo.
Various stands at the expo
More stands at the expo

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It’s Mac Expo time again

I’ve just found out that it’s time to register for the London Mac Expo for this year. Seems it’s now called Mac Live Expo – more details can be found at

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Mac Expo pictures

As promised (in the previous entry), here are the pictures from the 2005 Mac Expo. I didn’t take a huge number and some of them turned out a little blurred. I guess I needed that digital camera magazine subscription afterall!


VOIP, Voice Over IP

I’ve been playing around with a few voice over IP products for my powerbook just recently and it has to be said that some of them are pretty good.
I tried iChat AV as that seemed like the obvious choice because it comes free with Tiger (Mac OSX 10.4) and since I tried it a few times for AIM and Jabber instant messaging it was already setup with a few friends that I could try calling. Unfortunately, the VOIP part seems limited to those who have iChat AV themselves (makes sense), but also you have to be using an AIM login – just using Jabber alone doesn’t seem to let you place calls. I guess this is probably because you can use any Jabber server you want and there’s no way that Apple could guarantee that the server you use is compatible. Call quality was pretty acceptable over a cable modem and it didn’t drop out unexpectedly.
I gave Skype a miss because although it’s encrypted traffic (which is good), it’s a proprietary protocol so you have to use Skype at both ends. Oh, and the company was recently acquired by eBay so there’s no telling what might happen.


Apple Store, Regent Street, Grand Opening

We went off down to London on Saturday to see the grand opening of the new Apple Store on Regent Street. Unfortunately some people had been queuing for a day or two like this person (check their entries for November 19th-20th 2004).
The queue was absolutely huge by 10am so we decided to skip waiting in line and go visit the MacExpo 2004 instead where we met up with Mike.