Firefox and some useful add-ons

Although I use Safari for much of my browsing, I still use Firefox for a number of things. I find that playing Shartak with anything other than Firefox is painful because the Greasemonkey scripts for Shartak make it so much easier to find out where my character is. I also use Firefox whenever I need to dig into some HTML/CSS problems – the Web Developer add-on makes it easy to find out which styles are being applied to an element.
Here is a list of some of the Firefox add-ons that I’ve come across and would recommend.

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synergy2 on Leopard

Having upgraded to Leopard, I found that synergy2 wasn’t working. It’s an application that lets you control multiple machines from a single keyboard and mouse and I use it quite a lot at work.
More information about Synergy2 can be found at
After the upgrade to Leopard (and even after a fresh reinstall) it would start up and then a crash would be logged in /var/log/system.log; searching in Google resulted in a hit that mentions using launchd to start it up and having set it up like that I found that it actually works fine!
The forum post is at
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Leopard (Mac OSX 10.5)

Like most Apple users we pre-ordered a copy of Leopard and took delivery of it on the 26th October. I upgraded Tiger to Leopard that evening and despite the initial horror of having some fairly big changes to the UI, I’ve decided it’s not so bad.
Something I didn’t like was the new style dock – it has a shiny effect on it (see image below) which makes it harder to see what’s running. I figured that it wasn’t too much of a problem since I have the dock set to auto-hide and if I need to see what’s running, I can always use Cmd-Tab.

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Fridge water filters

Just recently our fridge water filter needed replacing and because the recommended supplier (some place in Birmingham) was out of stock I decided to look around. After a bit of searching, I found this site –American Fridge Filters.
They were about 20 pounds cheaper than the place in Birmingham, replied to my enquiry quickly, had the filter in stock and shipped it promptly. All in all, excellent customer service and I’ll be using them in 6-9 months when the filter light comes on again.