Using the spamassassin URIBL check on a primary nameserver

Usually on a primary nameserver for a number of domains, you shouldn’t be using the local nameserver for your DNS lookups. The reason for this is that if a domain is transferred away from the nameserver without your knowledge, any local lookups for that domain will continue to give the old results and this could… Continue reading Using the spamassassin URIBL check on a primary nameserver

cpan2rpm for CentOS 6.5

I’ve been attempting to build all the dependencies for Dancer on CentOS 6.5 and things just kept going wrong. Several of the modules complained about needing perl >= 5.006 even though CentOS 6.5 comes with Perl 5.10. [mockbuild@build6 ~]$ cpan2rpm Test::Simple — cpan2rpm – Ver: 2.028 — Upgrade check Fetch: HTTP — module: Test::Simple –… Continue reading cpan2rpm for CentOS 6.5

cpan2rpm on CentOS 6.4

I’ve just been building up a new server with CentOS 6.4 and noticed that cpan2rpm wouldn’t work for some Perl modules. The error you get is as follows. Metadata retrieval Can’t locate object method “interpolate” via package “Pod::Text” at /usr/bin/cpan2rpm line 522. Turns out it’s because Pod::Text changed between the version that comes with CentOS… Continue reading cpan2rpm on CentOS 6.4

Compiling on a 64 bit Linux

I’m currently in the process of upgrading my old server to a nice new 64 bit CentOS 5 install and came across a few issues rebuilding some of the packages. In general I try not to use customised versions of packages since it makes updating the machine so much easier when there’s nothing to rebuild,… Continue reading Compiling on a 64 bit Linux

Upgrading CentOS4 to CentOS5 – rpm error

After a recent upgrade of a server from CentOS 4.4 to 5.1 using yum, I ran into a bit of a problem with rpm. Pretty much any rpm command would result in the following error: rpmdb: Program version 4.3 doesn’t match environment version error: db4 error(-30974) from dbenv->open: DB_VERSION_MISMATCH: Database environment version mismatch error: cannot… Continue reading Upgrading CentOS4 to CentOS5 – rpm error

yum reports bad marshal data

I’ve been trying to check for updates on one of my CentOS machines using yum and got the following error. root:~# yum upgrade Loading “installonlyn” plugin Options Error: bad marshal data

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iChat AV through Linux NAT

This assumes the following conditions: * the Linux gateway is forwards all outgoing traffic after rewriting the source address as the external IP (i.e NAT) * the incoming policy is to drop all packets unless they’re related to an existing connection. * Both clients are running iChat AV (comes with Mac OSX Tiger) * Both… Continue reading iChat AV through Linux NAT

Fixing software RAID

The primary drive failed in one of my servers – luckily since it was using mirrored drives the system carried on running until I could get PoundHost to replace it. However, since it was the primary drive when it was replaced the system wouldn’t boot and they had to use a rescue cd. Here’s what… Continue reading Fixing software RAID