Installing DBD::mysql on Mavericks

3 years ago, I posted about getting DBD::mysql to build on OSX 10.6 – it seems the same thing works on Mavericks (10.9) as well! #   Failed test ‘use DBD::mysql;’ #   at t/00base.t line 18. #     Tried to use ‘DBD::mysql’. #     Error:  Can’t load ‘/Users/simon/.cpan/build/DBD-mysql-4.027-wbgMWL/blib/arch/auto/DBD/mysql/mysql.bundle’ for module DBD::mysql: dlopen(/Users/simon/.cpan/build/DBD-mysql-4.027-wbgMWL/blib/arch/auto/DBD/mysql/mysql.bundle, 2): Library not loaded: libmysqlclient.18.dylib #  … Continue reading Installing DBD::mysql on Mavericks

cpan2rpm for CentOS 6.5

I’ve been attempting to build all the dependencies for Dancer on CentOS 6.5 and things just kept going wrong. Several of the modules complained about needing perl >= 5.006 even though CentOS 6.5 comes with Perl 5.10. [mockbuild@build6 ~]$ cpan2rpm Test::Simple — cpan2rpm – Ver: 2.028 — Upgrade check Fetch: HTTP — module: Test::Simple –… Continue reading cpan2rpm for CentOS 6.5

cpan2rpm on CentOS 6.4

I’ve just been building up a new server with CentOS 6.4 and noticed that cpan2rpm wouldn’t work for some Perl modules. The error you get is as follows. Metadata retrieval Can’t locate object method “interpolate” via package “Pod::Text” at /usr/bin/cpan2rpm line 522. Turns out it’s because Pod::Text changed between the version that comes with CentOS… Continue reading cpan2rpm on CentOS 6.4

DBIx::Class default column value

Having read the docs for DBIx::Class::Row new() and DBIx::Class::ResultSource add_columns() it’s hard to know whether it’s better to (a) override new() for the Result module and set a default value in the method params, or (b) use default_value in the add_columns method and set the default within the database itself. After some investigation, (b) requires… Continue reading DBIx::Class default column value

DBD::mysql, MySQL and OS X Lion

I downloaded and installed MySQL Community Server 5.5.15 from Using CPAN, I then tried to install DBD::mysql on a fresh install of OS X Lion and was presented with an error saying it was unable to load the library. #     Error:  Can’t load ‘/private/var/root/.cpan/build/DBD-mysql-4.019-H1RD6j/blib/arch/auto/DBD/mysql/mysql.bundle’ for module DBD::mysql: dlopen(/private/var/root/.cpan/build/DBD-mysql-4.019-H1RD6j/blib/arch/auto/DBD/mysql/mysql.bundle, 2): Library not loaded: libmysqlclient.18.dylib #  … Continue reading DBD::mysql, MySQL and OS X Lion

Template Toolkit (Pt 3)

Doh! It seems that Apache::Template (the mod_perl interface for Template Toolkit and a cool looking module) isn’t compatible with mod_perl 1.99 and Apache 2.0.x.

Template Toolkit (pt 2)

Having had a chance to read through most of the new Template Toolkit book from O’Reilly, I have to admit that it’s far more impressive than I first realised. Extra plugins and filters can be written and added into the basic templating system to provide extra functionality that doesn’t come as standard.

Template Toolkit

It’s just typical. I wait a couple of months for the new Template Toolkit book from O’Reilly to appear on Safari (the online bookshelf) and then when I give in and buy the paper copy it appears on Safari a few days later.

SOAP (no, not that sort)

I’ve been playing around with SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) in Perl recently. The example I wrote seems nice and straightforward and should even work with .NET thanks to some pointers from Rob.