Template Toolkit (Pt 3)

Doh! It seems that Apache::Template (the mod_perl interface for Template Toolkit and a cool looking module) isn’t compatible with mod_perl 1.99 and Apache 2.0.x.

Unfortunately I don’t want to downgrade the server I’m using to mod_perl 1.26 and Apache 1.3.x so I’m stuck using cgi scripts to generate dynamic pages with Template Toolkit or else using something like ttree to produce static pages based on templates.
If anyone has any pointers to using Apache::Template with Apache 2.0.x and mod_perl then please let me know by email to contact(at)leaky.org
I’m sure you know what to do to get the valid email address from the line above! Unfortunately I bet email address harvesters do too, thankfully Apple Mail is rather good at filtering spam and it only takes a couple of seconds to click the delete button if it fails.
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