Compiling on a 64 bit Linux

I’m currently in the process of upgrading my old server to a nice new 64 bit CentOS 5 install and came across a few issues rebuilding some of the packages. In general I try not to use customised versions of packages since it makes updating the machine so much easier when there’s nothing to rebuild,… Continue reading Compiling on a 64 bit Linux

yum reports bad marshal data

I’ve been trying to check for updates on one of my CentOS machines using yum and got the following error. root:~# yum upgrade Loading “installonlyn” plugin Options Error: bad marshal data

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Safari and multiple tabs

I was reading Mac Format this morning and read about an application called Taboo that stops you from accidentally closing Safari windows with multiple tabs open, or even quitting Safari when there are multiple tabs open in a window.

MediaWiki database compression

Recently I’ve been taking daily backups of a 4.2GB mediawiki (v1.5.6) database, about 3.9GB of which was in the ‘text’ table. It was all the previous versions of pages that were taking up the space so having looked at I decided to give deleteOldRevisions.php a go.