Shartak internals – speech and translation

Within Shartak there are two main factions – natives and outsiders. To make things somewhat realistic (and interesting), when they first start off there is quite a hefty language barrier in that a native can’t really understand an outsider and vice-versa. This situation can be improved by gaining the various language skills that help with… Continue reading Shartak internals – speech and translation

IPv6 and Shartak

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to figure out IPv6. Having worked through some of the IPv6 certification at I now have an IPv6 enabled web server and mail server as well as IPv6 connectivity at home via I thought I’d update Shartak to allow access via IPv6 as well… Continue reading IPv6 and Shartak

Shartak – now with added music

Before you start complaining, I didn’t go crazy and add a dodgy midi track to the Shartak website. I stumbled across a forum thread this evening and apparently Shartak players are forming their own record label. Once finished, the Heads Down tracks will be available at a MySpace account – *EDIT* URI of MySpace… Continue reading Shartak – now with added music

Shartak revisited

Following some recent advertising on Urban Dead and the removal of the 300 player limit, Shartak now has over 650 players and things are starting to get interesting.


For the last few months I’ve been working on a web-based multiplayer game set on an island where you have to explore, fight animals, and watch out for strangers. It’s an MMORPG similar in style to Urban Dead but with a different theme. The name of both the game and the island, is Shartak and… Continue reading Shartak