For the last few months I’ve been working on a web-based multiplayer game set on an island where you have to explore, fight animals, and watch out for strangers. It’s an MMORPG similar in style to Urban Dead but with a different theme.
The name of both the game and the island, is Shartak and it can be found at

Although it’s still in beta, I’m opening it up as the few players testing it right now aren’t enough to investigate any problems that might arise. Right now it’s limited to about 300 players, and if I get that many I’ll see what performance is like and perhaps extend the number of players. You can play more than one character since you may wish to experience life on the island as both a native and as an outsider as different items and skills are available to the different types of player.
Tip: Before you leave your home camp, search and find a machete otherwise movement through the ever growing jungle will be painfully slow!

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  1. simon,
    hey, you don’t have an email address posted anywhere on shartak. i, the player have no way to get ahold of you about my want to change my class to a pirate.
    there’s my link, it’s only natural for my character to be a pirate sincee that seems mroe like me.
    anyway sorry to write about all this as a blog comment. the game is good, i’ve been playing urbandead for a while and i found shartak through an urbandead forum, good stuff. i do find the desire to barricade huts and go for headshots.
    anyway, turn me into a pirate!
    X badhammer

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