Day trip to Hunstanton

On Saturday, we went to the beach at Hunstanton, Norfolk. It was a nice day and the kids enjoyed playing on the sand. When we arrived, the beach was almost deserted apart from a few people sat on the steps leading down to the sand and a few others walking along the edge of the… Continue reading Day trip to Hunstanton

Trip to Skegness

We decided, rather spur of the moment, to go to the beach on Sunday afternoon and ended up going to Skegness since we’d never been there before. Not a bad beach really – it was quite quiet considering it was a pleasant Sunday afternoon. I was expecting there to be more kids around.

Weekend break

We popped over to North Wales (Llandudno) last weekend with barely 18 hours warning. Note to new visitors – we’ve been there before.. see 26 July 2003 for more. It was Friday evening and we just figured we’d get away from the mess of a gutted bathroom in the early stages of being replaced. Decided… Continue reading Weekend break