Movie review

Having watched Vanilla Sky last night, I have to say that it’s a really strange film in places. Definitely not one for the kids though due to the bad language and nudity. Nice twist in the story at the end although the film was a little on the long side at just over 2 hours long.

How alarming!

Car alarms are great… except when they’re so sensitive that accidentally trapping a moth or some other insect in there sets it off late at night! This isn’t the first time either, wonder if there’s a sensitivity adjustment feature somewhere, now where did I put that manual??

Batteries not included

Having spent the best part of an hour looking at doorbells in B&Q, we finally picked one that included one battery for the push button, but none for the actual chime unit. Why on earth don’t doorbell manufacturers include all 3 batteries required, or none at all?!
Of course, having originally decided on one that included all the batteries, we didn’t spot that the final choice didn’t include them all.. got home.. and doh! no batteries.. and they had to be an awkward size that we don’t use anywhere else. One quick trip to the local supermarket and problem solved.

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Having borrowed Crazy Taxi for the gamecube from a friend, I have to say it’s a really fun game and as the title suggests, pretty crazy too! A definite must if you just want to have some fun rather than serious gameplay, just don’t get used to running pedestrians over and driving underwater as you can’t do that in real life!