To extend or not to extend.

USB extension cables.. you might think it’s simple to get them working. You just plug them into the PC, plug the device into the other end and job done. Not so.
After much messing around trying to get it to work, it seems that active (like a mini usb hub one end?) USB extension cables don’t always work with Linux (despite working fine with Windows).

After a couple of days of scratching heads and cursing, the wonderfully long 5m active cable gets replaced with a simple £5 passive cable that’s a mere 2m long. The good thing is that it worked perfectly first time!
Source of cable – the local Maplin Electronics as the same length cable at PC World was 3 times the price!!

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  1. You know – I noticed the same thing šŸ™‚ Webcam – works fine through this machine – not through extension cable. HOWEVER same extension cable and web cam works fine through another machine. Crappy USB!

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