Batteries not included

Having spent the best part of an hour looking at doorbells in B&Q, we finally picked one that included one battery for the push button, but none for the actual chime unit. Why on earth don’t doorbell manufacturers include all 3 batteries required, or none at all?!
Of course, having originally decided on one that included all the batteries, we didn’t spot that the final choice didn’t include them all.. got home.. and doh! no batteries.. and they had to be an awkward size that we don’t use anywhere else. One quick trip to the local supermarket and problem solved.

Did you know…?
You can get doorbells where you can record your own doorbell chime! Are people really crazy enough to buy things like this? Of course, you could always have it shout “Will someone PLEASE get the door?” at you.. could be fun (for 30 seconds).


  1. Hi
    You say everyone else seems to be doing it. I thought the same.
    A September evening of the 11th here.
    Stuck on a Northsea oilrig fed up of watching memorials to last years know what.
    clicked on domain names and thought I will try my name and then ended up here.
    Sorry if this is boring. North sea oilrigs are.
    Well will call it a night. I Iam home on Friday yippee (I can taste the Guinness already)
    Bye then
    have fun
    Be safe
    Regards Simon

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