New webcam.. or not!

Having not had any success with the old Logitech Quickcam Express as a webcam attached to a linux box, I figured it’d be worth spending a bit more than the 45 quid for 2 that I spent on the QCE about a year ago. Did a bit of research, read reviews online, looked for drivers etc and decided to opt for the Logitech Quickcam Pro 3000.

It’s a very nice usb camera and gives really nice pictures in Windows. Unfortunately despite having played around for a few hours, it still doesn’t work in Linux.
I’ve got the driver, it shows up in the logs as being a phillips webcam (due to the driver) but still can’t work out how to access it.
xawtv says no such device for /dev/video0 but maybe I’m just looking at the wrong device.