Up until now I’ve normally used Safari when browsing the web on my mac, but today I decided to try something new and installed the latest version of Firefox and an extension called Greasemonkey from Greasemonkey allows you to run javascript on certain pages (or all pages) to allow for user interface alterations and… Continue reading Greasemonkey

mod_perl & session ids

I’ve been trying out a few things in mod_perl just recently, getting together a small basic framework that handles sessions and generates an entire site (apart from images) from a bunch of Perl modules. It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be but I’ve got the basic code working now. Next step is… Continue reading mod_perl & session ids

Compiling DBD::mysql on OSX10.3

Having installed MySQL for OSX from Apple’s UNIX & Open Source downloads section and Server Logistics, I found that the Perl module DBD::mysql wouldn’t compile and install. The solution it seems is to compile it by hand (oh, the horror!)

Template Toolkit (Pt 3)

Doh! It seems that Apache::Template (the mod_perl interface for Template Toolkit and a cool looking module) isn’t compatible with mod_perl 1.99 and Apache 2.0.x.

Template Toolkit (pt 2)

Having had a chance to read through most of the new Template Toolkit book from O’Reilly, I have to admit that it’s far more impressive than I first realised. Extra plugins and filters can be written and added into the basic templating system to provide extra functionality that doesn’t come as standard.

Template Toolkit

It’s just typical. I wait a couple of months for the new Template Toolkit book from O’Reilly to appear on Safari (the online bookshelf) and then when I give in and buy the paper copy it appears on Safari a few days later.

Storing Perl structures…

I’ve been looking at alternatives for storing Perl structures within a database such as MySQL. Here are the main contenders: Storable (freeze/thaw) XML::Dumper Data::Dumper