Up until now I’ve normally used Safari when browsing the web on my mac, but today I decided to try something new and installed the latest version of Firefox and an extension called Greasemonkey from Greasemonkey allows you to run javascript on certain pages (or all pages) to allow for user interface alterations and processing of page content.

Having spoken to Mike about his mapping experiments, I’ve been processing the output from the Shartak game page to extract GPS co-ords and block types ready to insert them into a list of locations in a database (or file).
It’s not pretty Javascript but what I’ve got seems to be getting there.
Check it out at

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  1. Greasemonkey is pretty neat. I’d not come across it until I saw the first script on the Shartak wiki, so I’m pretty impressed with Shartak because of that 🙂
    It’s so easy as well – I knocked up my own script to help with mapping until I found a better way of doing it.

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