MySQL bug (followup)

As a followup to my previous MySQL bug post, I tried PostgreSQL and didn’t like it all that much. I found there was too much of a learning curve for someone who’s only really used MySQL to any great extent. It’s probably a better alternative for someone who is used to something like Oracle.

MySQL bug

It seems that in gaining over 100,000 players, Kevan’s Urban Dead game has managed to find a bug in MySQL that causes corruption of indexes. Unfortunately no-one at MySQL AB is able to replicate the bug so it can’t be tracked down and fixed. More information can be found in the MySQL forum.

iChat AV through Linux NAT

This assumes the following conditions: * the Linux gateway is forwards all outgoing traffic after rewriting the source address as the external IP (i.e NAT) * the incoming policy is to drop all packets unless they’re related to an existing connection. * Both clients are running iChat AV (comes with Mac OSX Tiger) * Both… Continue reading iChat AV through Linux NAT

Fixing software RAID

The primary drive failed in one of my servers – luckily since it was using mirrored drives the system carried on running until I could get PoundHost to replace it. However, since it was the primary drive when it was replaced the system wouldn’t boot and they had to use a rescue cd. Here’s what… Continue reading Fixing software RAID

hwclock and Dell servers

Whenever the server is rebooted, I’ve noticed that the time goes a bit screwy and jumps forward an hour, having tried a few different settings I found that it wasn’t just this server but others were having the same problem.

Server hiccups

It seems that every few days something goes wrong with the server. Just this morning it died for some unknown reason and I had to get it rebooted. It was still pinging and services such as pop3/ssh/http would connect but then no banners/prompts etc would appear and the service is unresponsive. Having looked through a… Continue reading Server hiccups

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urbandead -> server dead

Kevan’s new site was mentioned on Metafilter and as such has managed to bring the server to a crawl for the last couple of nights. Seems Apache running suexec, running perl, running the main script on the site isn’t so helpful.

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Server upgrade

Decided to upgrade the server this site runs on to 2GB of RAM today. Kevan (who writes some interesting things) launched a new game at in the last week or so and the server was creaking a little under the weight of all the hits but mainly due to the amount of memory allocated… Continue reading Server upgrade

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