Recently read

Just finished reading Persuader by Lee Child. It’s a story about an ex-MP (Military Policeman, not Member of Parliament) who goes around getting involved in all kinds of violent stuff, usually involving at least one government organisation such as ATF,CIA,FBI,DEA,etc. There’s often a fair amount of “whodunit” involved as well.

All the books I’ve read by Lee Child have been “A Jack Reacher Novel” as it describes on the front cover and so far I’ve not been disappointed at having bought the books. They’re all well written, action packed and most definitely of the “can’t put it down” variety.
The biggest problem I have with fiction books is that I tend to buy them, read them once and then put them away on the shelf generally never reading them again. I really should find out where the nearest library is and figure out a way of getting there regularly as I’m running out of shelf space.