OSX, Remote Desktop and typing a hash

I recently had the need to type a hash (#) into a Remote Desktop session from my OSX desktop to a Windows server. Unfortunately to get a hash on a UK keyboard requires pressing ALT + 3 as SHIFT + 3 results in a pound (£). Pressing ALT + 3 through the remote desktop connection didn’t do anything useful so I was somewhat stuck.

After consulting Google to see if anyone else had come across this problem, I found a comment (not the actual article) at http://www.john.geek.nz/2009/01/mac-os-x-remote-desktop-client-uk-keyboard-bug-fix/ gave the solution.

To type a hash through Remote Desktop Connection, you press CMD + \ (that’s the CMD key and the \ key, not the plus as well!)

Hopefully if anyone else has a similar problem, this will help them.