Conversion to WordPress3

After two years of not posting anything and letting my blog stagnate, I figured it was about time I started posting again. The first job was to update all the software and it seems Moveable Type (MT) has moved on considerably from the really old version that I was running. Since I last posted I’ve used WordPress for other things a few times and it seemed like a good idea to convert my blog over to it. The fact that WordPress 3 was recently released also meant it was a good opportunity to try it out and see what had changed.

In converting the old MT database over to WordPress, it seems that there’s some tidying that will need to be done. The permalinks from MT have turned out to not be quite so permanent unfortunately – some more research will be required there to convert them to the new format. Perhaps I’ll just setup an Apache rewrite table – there’s only a few hundred links.

I’ll also need to sort out the theme a bit – there’s too much header with the default TwentyTen theme. It’s not too bad as a starting point until I get some time to look at it.