Time to change mobile phones

I’m completely out of my old mobile contract now, any tariff change will result in a contract renewal for 12 or 18 months, and my ‘would-likes’ have changed so the time has come to investigate changing mobile phone providers.
I’ve been fairly happy with Orange for the last year and a bit, with the exception of keep getting these stupid resellers phoning me up pestering me about upgrading my handset and thus renewing my contract. I must admit I got quite rude with the last couple that phoned.

Requirements for phone/provider:
* Bluetooth
* Phone to be supported by Apple’s iSync for at least addressbook, if not calendar/notes.
* A half-decent ssh application available
* A larger screen than the Nokia 6822 (for ssh and web browsing)
* “unlimited” internet access instead of the sub-20MB per month allowances available at considerable cost from Orange.
* Ability to use the phone as a bluetooth modem for 3G/GPRS internet access from computer
Nice to have::
* 1 megapixel or better camera
* Wired hands-free kit
Couldn’t care less about:
* Built in mp3 player or FM radio
Right now I’m considering the MDA Vario II with T-Mobile Flext + web’n’walk plus although I have yet to verify how well it would work with a mac.