Maize maze pictures

As promised, here are some pictures from the maize maze last weekend.
This is the way in.. there are sunflowers all around the edge of the maze so if you can see them, you know you’re heading towards the edge of the maze. The maize itself is about 6-7ft high, and the sunflowers were generally just a little taller.

The whole maze was dinosaur themed, and there was a nest with some “dinosaur eggs”. Unfortunately they have either been mangled by people or the rain.
Scattered throughout the maze were 10 clues like this one. The easier question at the bottom is intended for the kids. When you find all the clues, you end up with two dinosaur names. Fill in the card that you’re given when you start the maze and you can enter a competition.
In the middle of the maze is a four-way bridge. Here are a couple of pictures taken from on top of it. Even when you’re standing several feet above the top of the maize, it’s still virtually impossible to figure out where the paths lead.