Hen Races at Bonsall

We went to the Hen Races at Bonsall yesterday. Yes, it’s what it sounds like… they were racing hens!
This is what the track looked like. It was setup in the car park opposite The Barley Mow, Bonsall.

Alan Webster, landlord of The Barley Mow organised the hen races and demonstrated how “fast” his hen was. After a much slower start than he anticipated where the hen just stood by the starting line pecking at the ground, the hen was indeed quite a bit faster than the ones running in the first few races.
Here’s Alan with his hen on his shoulder.
At the starting line…
Here the hens are almost at the finish line.. it could still be a minute or two until they get there though!
Unfortunately the kids got bored after the first few races as they couldn’t see all that well so we went and had some food and missed the last couple of races.