Phone contacts update

Here’s an update to the previous entry regarding losing my phone addressbook. In the Apple Address Book application (in OSX) if you select all the names in the Name column you can right click and export all the vCards in a single file. You can also use the bluetooth option “Send File” to send the .vcf file to the Nokia 6822 and the phone then sees it as a business card that has just arrived and offers to add it to the addressbook.
Unfortunately it only adds the first entry in the file to the addressbook and where the “is a company” option has been ticked in Apple Address Book, it imports the record with an empty name value.

A rather time-consuming option that does appear to work, is to export each contact to an individual .vcf file and then use bluetooth “Send File” and select all the files at the same time. This results in them going in ok, although there still the problems with company names being missing. The downsides to this apart from having to export each contact separately, is the fact that the Nokia requires two button presses per contact to actually show the file and then save it to memory, and it seems I can only send 6 files at a time before it drops out with an error on the powerbook.
With some 70+ contacts to export, this could take a while and I’m still not sure what to do about the companies in my addressbook where I don’t have a specific contact name.