5..4..3..2..1.. Phone contacts are go.. err, gone!

MY 6822 died yesterday, it powered on and then just as it establishes a connection with the Orange network locks up with a message “Contact service”. Yes, that’s right. My fairly new phone.. the Nokia 6822 I’d only had since June. With it went all my phone numbers, text messages and preferences.
I phoned Orange thinking perhaps it had been blocked or there was some kind of technical hiccup at their end and was told it would have to be returned to be fixed. I don’t have their phone insurance scheme as all my previous phones have worked for ages but the customer service guy I spoke to said that they’d replace it under some sales regulations or other, I guess because I’ve only had it a few months.

New phone was delivered this afternoon by courier and he took the old one away, just the handset itself, not the battery, sim card, charger etc. Luckily I’d backed up all my contacts onto my powerbook (via bluetooth) just last week and merged them with the few already in my addressbook.
Unfortunately I’ve run into a bit of a problem putting them back onto the phone. The bluetooth button in addressbook attempts to connect to the phone (tooltip says ‘Attempting’) and then after a few seconds returns a tooltip saying ‘Disconnected’. Not entirely sure what that’s supposed to do anyway.
I can’t find a way to export all of the records to a single .vcf file (that I can see) and even if I could, I can’t find any way to upload a .vcf file to the phone. Oh and iSync won’t sync with the phone either, just says it’s not supported.
Basically it looks like I’ll have to re-enter all the contacts by hand, not something I’m looking forward to.