Harry Potter (again)

Well, the latest book in the Harry Potter series has been out for a few days. I actually heard about it in a podcast I was listening to on Saturday morning (16th July) whilst on my way to Tesco for some groceries. I went into Tesco and right in front of the entrance was a huge pallet full of copies of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince being sold for a mere £7.97. I was going to order a copy from Amazon but figured since I was there anyway and it was quite a reasonable price I might as well get it from Tesco.

It’s now Tuesday night and so far I’ve read 444 pages of the 600 or so that it has, but I’ve not read any since Sunday night so I guess that’s not too bad. The reason I’ve not read anything is that it got swiped by Lori and Geordan so all three of us are reading the same book!