Not impressed with Orange

Ok, tried to sort out the online account feature on Orange’s website. Password doesn’t work so I click on the “I’ve forgotten my password” link. Now most places will just email you a new password or a link to a reset your password page, even a bank will send you online banking details in the post for free… but not Orange, you have to phone them.

For security reasons, you have to phone Orange Technical Support and what’s worse is that they charge 50p per minute for the call! Like a fool, I phoned them – only to be told that their password resetting tools are currently down and I’ll have to phone back later on.
50p or perhaps a pound later (the call was 1m 7s long) and I’m still no closer to being able to login to the website to manage my account and it might cost me more money later on if I bother to call back. Despite what I said in a previous post, I’m now one customer who’s really not all that impressed with Orange.


  1. Neither am I. I was sent a leaflet to move onto a family plan to put together all contracts and PAYG phones. Seemed like a good idea until you read the small print

  2. I haf no problemz vif Orange, they have those cool adverts with little orange vampires and anvone who has zee Revenge of the Sith licence cant be all zat bad.

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