A new server

I’ve got a new server to replace this one, the primary reason being that with all the sites and services on here there’s less disk space available than would be nice. There’s also the fact that the server is a little slow at times, and is running a really ancient version of RedHat. I’ve tried upgrading it (in place, without a reboot) to Fedora Core 2 and although it works, it’s got a lot of stuff left lying around that shouldn’t be there.

The new server has been sat under my desk for about 3 weeks now and is still not fully configured. At this rate the hardware will be obsolete just as it gets put to use. Exim with anti-virus support is really nice and that’ll be added, along with (hopefully) a control panel to manage mail settings, add/remove websites and modify DNS settings.
I guess I should stop writing blog entries and get working on it!
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