Oh no, I’m a “hacker”

A friend at work pointed out this url to me earlier.
I really can’t tell if it’s a serious attempt to “educate” parents or a spoof – it’s just so completely and utterly wrong. Personally, I think it’s one of the funniest pages I’ve read in a while.

Clicking on the links on the page and it’s definitely got to be a spoof.
AMD processors are of course never sold in shops – check out Scan or Dabs to see just how wrong that is.
As for not being able to remove Lunix (I think the author means Linux) without sending back the computer and getting the hard disk replaced, I find that on the rare occasion that I need to remove Linux, a Windows install CD does the job quite nicely.. besides, I built my own PC so who would I send it back to?
“Programming with Perl” by Timothy O’Reilly – definitely sounds like a hacking manual. I couldn’t find it on Amazon, but there is Programming Perl by Larry Wall and others. I’ve read that one myself and it’s packed with cryptic things that look like line noise. 😉
So remember, watch out for Linux and Perl – they are the tools of hackers (ROTFL. Don’t forget the freelance web developers, computer geeks and a whole generation of people who don’t like inferior software)