Invasion of the ant people

Ok, so they’re not ant people as such.. just your average run-of-the-mill black ants. Unfortunately they were all over the dining room and downstairs toilet – not just normal ants but winged ones as well. After trying Nippon bait, B&Q ant spray (on the ones outside) and still no luck, we had to call in the professionals. The last thing anyone wants is flying ants in the downstairs toilet after all!

A good dose of very strong ant powder and spray should be enough to see them off. It’s quite a few times stronger than the stuff you buy from the shops which would explain why the stuff we use just seems to tickle the ants instead of stopping them in their tracks. Apparently the ant spray is strong enough to kill a dog when it’s still wet, and we have to have this stuff on the toilet floor in dried form for 10-14 days.. lovely!