Books, books and more books

We visited Leicester the other week on the way back from a daytrip to London and found a bookshop called Borders had sprung up in one of the out-of-town shopping centres.

We didn’t get to stay there too long last time as it was getting late and having driven to and from London there was some desire to get home and relax.
Today though, we made a special journey to Leicester just to visit Borders and got to spend a while browsing the store. They’ve got audio cds, videos and dvds, magazines and of course lots and lots of books. The magazine section rivals WHSmiths in Beeston easily. There are chairs and benches around the store. There’s even a Starbucks coffee shop upstairs for if you get thirsty.
I picked up a decent book about exim called The Exim SMTP Mail Server (ISBN 0-9544529-0-9) to add to my collection of computer books.
In my opinion, despite having used sendmail for several years previously, exim is far better than sendmail because it has so many flexible options like being able to use a smarthost for all mail addressed to specific domains instead of using a smarthost for all messages regardless of where their final destination is. The database for managing aliases for multiple domains is excellent if you have more than a single domain for incoming mail.