One man went to mow

Mowed the lawn last weekend for the first time in over six months! Unfortunately it now looks like it’ll need mowing again this coming weekend.

We had a pond until last year, now it’s just a hole in the ground that’s full of bricks and a little bit of water. As a result, I saw a multitude of frogs ranging from a mere inch long to over 6 inches long. Hiding under the broken bit of fence at the bottom of the garden were the usual snails and slugs, but also a small mouse and a nest it had made in a hole in the ground.
Also fixed Geordan’s old bike that’s been in the shed for a couple of years and found that it’s almost small enough for Harry to ride on.


  1. Mow “Barley mow” a Pub old fashioned one that was in our village when I was growing up .Take a jug to the little side entrance to get a pint for papa . ” Barley Mow ” no longer in existance,so sad .when. we human beings loes our dearly beloved villages, because the few who have the ownings of the houses in the village ,decide that what is in the bank is not enough too ccount any more ,so ,lets be selling the ground to make more money to fill the empty time so that we have more to count and fill up the miserable void.

  2. I do hope your kitchen is finished by now Simon .I have long had a kitchen full of shelves and have now been press ganged into choosing a new kitchen of cupboards etc; Cant find my way around yet but I have to say it is looking rather nice even though it is very difficult to get rid of all of my “JUNK” [to some people that is] how on earth am I going to fit in the well seasoned WOK that is so disgustingly browned off,into this pure white cupboarded room that there is hardly enough room to swing a cat around.Come to think of it, that is one thing I won’t have to be worried about, as I dont have a cat to swing. Why is it ,can you tell me ?,that everything that some one else wants to keep as a treasure and has done a good job of feeding a gang of ones family for over twenty years sudenly becomes known as mothers JUNK as soon as they have their pristine Kitchen in place . Well. I dont think the food will taste quite so good. Here endeth my grouse for the day. Thank you for your comments page Simon I have only today found it as I am learning to use the computer . Best wishes Annie

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